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Dog Show Entry Form Templates

The following are Microsoft Word Templates of Blank Entry Forms for AKC, CKC and UKC in ZIP format. The templates can be used to enter Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Rally and Junior Showmanship in the respective kennel clubs. The templates are protected files (but no password) which allow you to enter data only in the 'non-protected' areas of the form. The data you enter will be in a slightly larger and bolder font than the rest of the form. Check boxes exist for certain data where all you have to enter is an 'x' by clicking on the box.

How to Use the Templates

Download the selected file to your PC and then un-zip/extract the file to your Microsoft Word Template Folder. To find this folder, do a search for the file 'normal.dot' without the apostrophes. To create your personal entry form, Open MS Word and start a 'New' document. Instead of the normal (Blank Document) template, select the appropriate entry form template (either akc-entry.dot or ukc-entry.dot). The cursor will now be positioned within the first field available for data entry. Use the 'tab' key to move from field to field while entering your data. When done, save the file as a *.doc file. Now when you need a form to enter a show, just print-out this .doc file, add the class and show information, sign the form and mail it off to the secretary!

  • AKC Entry Templates      Updated 05-20-08
    (Word 2000 format)
    • Agility
      • New Agility Format with the FAST class.
      • This Form is valid for all Agility Trials held on or after January 1, 2007 as stated on AKC's AEAGL2 - 01/01/07 (03/06) form
      • Includes a Check Box for 'Height Card Enclosed'.
      • Contains 2 versions of the DOT file - one with circles for the classes and jump height.
    • Conformation, Obedience & Rally
      • Regular Obedience Classes are Specified
      • Rally Classes are Specified
      • Rally Jump Heights Specified
  • CKC Entry Template      Updated 05-20-08
    (Word 2000 format)
    • Checkboxes for Conformation Classes
    • Checkboxes for Obedience Classes
    • Checkboxes for Agility Classes - Standard and Jumpers With Weaves.
    • Has boxes for a FAX Entry
  • UKC Entry Template      Updated 11-18-03
    (Word 2000 format)
    Check boxes form with more spacing for user info.
  • Show Secretaries
    Feel free to use as you wish.
    Contact me if you need a DOC file of any of these formats.


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