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Reggie & his mom Penny

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Valmar's Next Generation, ADCH, XF

Meet Riker, my 'Superstar' agility dog. He competes in all flavors of agility, and has managed to earn the top titles in each organization. Outside the ring, he looks like a 'dud' - quietly waiting for his turn. But once he enters the ring, its like a switch has been flipped an he becomes a speed demon. In 2005 he had the honor of competing at the AKC World Team Tryouts!

Visit his Special Page.

Ukc CH, U-AGII Aberdale Valmar The Instigator, MX, MXJ, OF, AAD, CL4

Cooper's Pedigree

Meet Cooper, my handsome 'play' boy - he would much rather play with you and a toy more than anything else. He likes agility but tends to get more excited as the course gets longer. So getting thru a course without knocking a bar down is a real challenge. And if he doesn't drop a bar, then he likes to leap a contact (with a devilish glint in his eye).

Visit his page to see what I mean.

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