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Specialty Show Secretary System details

  • Minimum system requirements
    • Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
    • 486 (Pentium) or higher processor
    • a printer

The Evaluation Copy
contains all the files needed
for an initial install.
  • Self-contained program - no other software is required to run it.
Current Version:
Date: September 21, 2008

  • Try Before you Buy - the Evaluation Copy is a FULLY Functioning program which remains active for 30 days. It will only allow one show to be created and printed, with a max of 25 dogs, but any data entered using it is retained when a licensed version is purchased. If you decide not to purchase, just delete the folder its installed to (nothing is written to the Registry).

Version History

Updated Databases for Users of prior Versions

Special Info for Users of Previous Version 2.0

  • Will now handle Multi-Day Shows (up to 4 days) with a Combined Catalog for all days. User can specify to use 'day of week' or a Club Code if doing a Cluster Show. Also, the first and last date for the show can be specified (to handle week-long Nationals) with specific days for certain classes.
  • The program will be registered in a Club's name and can be moved from person to person (or machine) when secretary's switch.
  • Can handle multiple clubs (with different breeds) for an additional license fee per club, with different defaults maintained per club.
  • Can handle the special ASCA classes - requires separate special databases which can be acquired via email request.
  • Can handle multiple clubs (up to 4) in 'one show' with the SAME BREED with NO additional fee by using a Club Code but all Clubs must use the same Defaults and Sweeps Percentages. Only one Club Name will be printed on the reports.
  • Breed name specified once (per club) under the Club Defaults. Variety info, if required, is selected from a drop-down list during show data entry with the initial value specified by the user as a default.
  • Can now handle different Breeds (other than the default breed) for Obedience entries to comply with the new AKC option.
  • Can now handle the new RALLY classes (similiar to Obedience with different breeds)
  • Special Databases
    • Creates and maintains a Master database automatically while the user enters data for a current show - pops-up information, after typing in the registration number, for previously entered dogs. Also, changes made during show entry would automatically transfer to the Master database, such as owner's address and dog's titles.
    • A separate database is maintained for judge info.
    • Show Sections Database contains Breed, Sweeps, Obedience, Junior Showmandship and Agility. Additional Sections can be added by the user.
    • Classes are pre-defined for each Show Section and includes Non-Regular classes but all classes can be customized as to colors and age groups. Additional classes can be added by the user. The Class Order is pre-defined for printing the Catalog but can be changed by the user.
    • Catalog Groups Database contains the special Footers (like after the Dog Classes in Breed) - pre-defined but can be changed by the user.
    • Premium Mailing Databases (by breed and by All Breeds) that can be automatically updated from the current show entries with a special field indicating 'last show entered'. Extra names and addresses can also be manually added to this mailing database for club info and requests.
    • Championship Points per sex by Breed and Variety
  • Data Entry
    • Data entry follows an AKC Entry Form. (CKC format optionally available with Place Born info but does not handle Listed dogs at this time).
    • Registration number retained (from record to record) when adding to simplify multiple entries (only need to select the class info - simplifies Breed and Sweeps entries for the same dog).
    • Multi-Day Shows handled by a check box per day (or Club Code) with an option to automatically check-off all days with a single click.
    • Major principle is MINIMUM user input!
    • Input and printing of Agent's name is optional.
    • Contains a field for a Pre-Paid Catalog
    • An option exists to automatically capitalize the first letter of each word (forget the 'shift key'!)
  • Armband Assignment
    • Automatic or Manual
    • Can be assigned during data input or after all entries inputted (recommended)
    • Various sorts available for automatic assignment.
    • Armband numbers for Sweeps can be automatically assigned to be the same as the regular class number (must use Auto_assign after all entries are inputted).
    • Any armband number can be manually changed after Auto-assign.
  • Exhibitor Confirmations
    • formatted to fit in a window-envelope
    • sorted by owner's name prior to printing
    • 3 slips on a page and includes the Club's name and Secretary's info with 'cutting lines'
    • details all classes entered for that dog per day
    • contain a general 'comment line' which can be modified from show to show to indicate Move-Up dates or other special general notes
    • can contain a specific Note for that dog like money owed
    • can be sent via email from the program
  • Reports Generated
    • Summary of entries with totals (by section, class and sex) for creating the judging schedule per day.
    • Catalog pages formatted with the Armband number and dog's name in bold. The judge's name and Show Sections are printed in a larger bold font. Individual Classes are printed in bold.
      • Page size is the accepted AKC (or CKC) 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" format for booklets printed in landscape - 2 pages per sheet.
      • User can specify which side of sheet to start printing on, as well as, the starting page number. Printing of Page numbers now Optional.
      • Various print options exist for spacing between catalog elements (sections, catalog groups, classes and footers). Bold and/or Caps for Dog's Name in Printed Catalog
      • Preview Catalog with option to write to a RTF file for importing into a word processor
      • Calculates Sweeps amounts based on the number of class entries and the entry fee (with a percentage set aside for the club) and prints the amount for each class placing on the catalog page. For Multi-Day shows, a separate calculation is printed per day or Club Code per class.
      • Separate Sweeps Percentages can be maintained by Club when more than one Club has been defined.
      • User can modify the amounts for Best In Sweeps and runner-ups. Up to four placings can be defined.
      • User can specify special footers for Catalog Groups (like Winners Dog...... and Championship Points per counts for their division). Footers are repeated per day for Multi-Day shows, except the Championship Points which is only printed once.
      • Exhibitor's Index which includes the owner's name and address. Armband numbers and phone numbers can also be included as an option. Only one line is printed per owner for Multi-Day shows. Bold and/or Caps for Owner's Name in Printed Exhibitor Index
      • Preview Exhibitor's Index with option to write to a RTF file for importing into a word processor
    • Special Report to help Verify Data Input
    • Special Report for Pre-Paid Catalogs
    • Listing of all special notes (like money owed)
    • Catalog format as a full page (8 1/2" x 11') in portrait orientation.
    • Special Report for Stewards to use at Multi-Day shows.
  • Labels Generated
    • Armband Numbers
    • Mailing labels for sending out the Judging Schedule or Premium Lists.
    • Exhibitor info for Obedience or Agility Score Sheets (1 per dog per class)
    • Sweeps Amounts per placing per Class for the money envelopes. For Multi-Day shows, labels to print are selected by day.
    • Return Address labels with secretary's info
  • All options available with 'single click of a button' ease.
  • Although the program is written for AKC Specialty Dog shows, the Show Sections, groupings, classes and breeds are totally customizable and adaptible to other types of shows. Contact us for more info.
  • Cost Of Program
    • Total cost of the program is $ 235.00 which includes the the program and the initial databases for one club.
    • Additional Clubs can be added at any time for $10 per club.
    • Group Shows can now purchase an upgraded database to allow up to 30 varieties of the same breed.
    • The Specialty Show Secretary System is distributed electronically. In today's "connected" world, this is the fastest method of distribution and the easiest way to provide you with program updates. As such, there are no diskettes or printed manual. When you register, we send you a registration code that you key into the program, converting it from an evaluation copy to a registered copy. A separate key informing the program of the number of additional clubs purchased can be obtained at anytime.

    Credit Cards accepted thru PayPal!
    $235.00 plus $5.00 handling fee

    Official PayPal Seal


    Additional Clubs $10 Each

    Group Show Database $40

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